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Ministers:  Rev. Kakei Nakagawa, Rinban Fresno Betsuin
                 Rev. Alan Sakamoto, Fresno Bestuin  


About Us

The Reedley Buddhist Church was established in 1936 with the Rev. Rijun Katsueda becoming the first resident minister. After World War II and the relocation of the Japanese residents, the church was rebuilt in 1952-53 and the Rev. Gibun Kimura became the third minister. In 1961, the Sunday School classrooms, conference room, office, and restrooms were started and completed in 1962. A boyhood statue of Shinran Shonin was donated by Mr. Seichi Hirose of Japan and placed in the U-shaped garden. The entire project was completed and dedicated on April 15, 1967. Rev. George Shibata, our retired resident minister, began his association with the Reedley Buddhist Church in 1975 and completed 37 years in December, 2011. Rev. Hidehito Sakamoto was appointed as resident minister in March, 2012 until December, 2013.  At the present time, without a resident minister, Reedley is under the supervision of Rinban Kakei Nakagawa and Rev. Alan Sakamoto of the Fresno Betsuin Temple.

The church renovated the conference room and added a new kitchen facility in 2004. They added a new wrought iron fence surrounding the property in 2006, updated the hondo in 2007, and completed a storage building next to the small kitchen in 2008. The social hall bathrooms received an update in 2010 and in 2011 the grounds between the hall and the Japanese School building were graded and decomposed granite was added. 

The membership continues to hold steady with approximately 175 members. The Buddhist Women's Association, the Reedley Dharma School, and the Jr. Young Buddhist Association remain active and support all activities sponsored by the church.


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     Thank you to everyone who helped make our Obon Festival a success!  Despite the heat and humidity, it was nice to see many family and friends come home to observe Obon and be with family.  
     Thank you to the many church members, Dharma School members, and BWA members who spent many hours preparing for the festival.  Thank you to Fresno Gumyo Taiko for providing their exciting music to our festivities!



      2014 Obon Festival & Hatsubon/Obon Service



The Reedley Buddhist Women's Association held a bake sale at the Town & Country Market in April.      

Crab Feed guests bidding on items in the Silent Auction in March, 2014.



Dharma School will begin its new school year on September 14th!  Please download the registration card if you are a new student or have a change to make on a current student.  

2014-15 Registration Form

A new message from the superintendent is on the Dharma School page.  Click the link above on the menu bar.



Register (see August newsletter for form).  


                          Calendar of Events for September, 2014


 2014 Reedley Dharma Scholarship Recipients - Pictured L to R: Church President Gary Sakata, Connor Osato, James Kamada, Crystal Ikemiya, Rinban Nakagawa.

      2014 Reedley Dharma School Perfect Attendance Awardees

      Graduates:  James, Kelsey, Connor, & Crystal 


Activities for September, 2014

6     Buddhist Broadcast on KBIF (900 AM)                         7:25 am

       CCYBA/WYBL Reunion in Fowler                                 2:00 pm

7     Rev. Dr. Ken Tanaka Visit & Seminar
            at Reedley (please register)                                      9:30 am

8     CBE Lecture - Rev. Marvin Harada in
            Visalia                                                                           7:00 pm
       Meditation Class - Rev. Nakagawa in
            Fresno FDC                                                                   7:00 pm

10   Church Board Meeting                                                     7:00 pm
        Buddhist Discussion - Mr. Curtis Koga
            in Parlier                                                                       7:00 pm

13   Buddhist Broadcast on KBIF (900 AM)                    7:25 am

14   Family Dharma Service & Dharma
            School (New Term)                                                     9:30 am

20   Buddhist Broadcast on KBIF (900 AM)                     7:25 am

21   Combined Ohigan, Monthly Memorial,
            Family Dharma Service & LUNCH                       9:30 am

23   Meditation in Buddhism - Rev.
             Nakagawa at Fresno FDC                                       7:00 pm

24   Tannisho Discussion - Rev. Sakamoto
              at Fresno FDC                                                          7:00 pm

27   Buddhist Broadcast on KBIF (900 AM)                    7:25 am

28   Dharma School Field Trip to Shin Zen
           Gardens for Ohigan (All members &
           friends are invited) Meet at 9:00 am                    10:00 am

30   Meditation in Buddhism - Rev. Nakagawa
            at Fresno FDC                                                            7:00 am


Minister's Message

Message from Rev. Kakei Nakagawa Rinban, Fresno Betsuin 
    (as printed in the September, 2014 newsletter)

            Thus I Heard the Nenbutsu as
                      Buddha’s Voice

       Mr. Goromatsu Maekawa, 93 years old lay
                          Nenbutsu practitioner

You are you, just right as you are--

Your face, your body, your first name and your last name,

They're just right for you.

Poor or rich, your parents, your child,

Your daughter-in-law, your grandchildren,

They're just right for you.

Happiness or unhappiness, joy or even sorrow,

They're just right for you.

The path you have taken in life is neither good nor bad,

It's just right for you.

Whether you go to hell or to heaven,

Wherever you go, it's just right.

No need to be arrogant or to belittle yourself--

No one above you, no one below you.

Even the day and month that you die, it's just right.

This life together with the Buddha-as-words cannot help being just right.


Based on Rev. Dr. Taitetsu Unno’s translation, edited by Rev.K.Nakagawa


Minister's Message

Message from Rev. Alan Sakamoto, Fresno Betsuin
    (as printed in the September, 2014 newsletter)


“Don’t Do Stupid Stuff”

I was laughing the other day when I was reading an article about President Obama. He was quoted as saying, “Don’t do stupid stuff!” I was laughing because it reminded me of a story about a monk which I heard long time ago. I would like to share that story with you

Long time ago, in a country far far away country, there lived a monk who loved to sit in a tree every day to meditate. No matter if the tree swayed in fierce winds, no matter if it was terribly cold or hot or if it rained, the monk sat comfortably high in the tree. His fellow monks soon began to call him “Birdsnest,” because just like a birds nest, he could always be found up among the branches of a tree.

Many of the local villagers passed beneath him while hunting or while gathering wood in the forest. And after a while, they grew used to the monk sitting in the trees. Some began to greet him as they hunted and foraged. Soon, they began to have conversations with him, and later began to ask him questions about their concerns. They became very confortable with Birdsnest. They liked the things that he had to say, and soon Birdsnest became well known for his kind, thoughtful and wise words.

A few more years passed, and the wise monks reputation spread throughout the province. Visitors came from distant cities and travelled to the remote forest to speak with Birdsnest. Even the governor heard of this wise monk, and decided that he would like to visit Birdsnest to discuss matters of importance. So, one beautiful spring morning, the governor set off to find him, and after travelling several days, he finally found Birdsnest sitting calmly, high in the topmost branches of a tree, enjoying the warmth and the songs from the birds.

Looking up, the governor had to shout, “Birdsnest, I am the governor of this province, and I have come a great distance to speak with you. I have a very important question.” The Governor waited for a reply, but only heard the breeze blowing through the leaves. The Governor thought that Birdsnest did not hear him, and repeated the question. Finally, the Governor who was a little irritated continued, with his questions, “tell me, what is it that all the wise ones have taught? Can you tell me the most important thing the Buddha ever said?” There was

a very long pause, and again, all the governor
could hear was the breeze blowing through the leaves.

Again, the Governor was losing his patience. You see, he was an important man in the province, and men usually responded immediately to his questions and orders. After a long pause, the monk said to the governor, “don’t do bad things, always do good things. That’s what the Buddha taught.”

The Governor couldn’t believe that the answer was so simple, and became irritated and upset. “Don’t do bad things, always do good things. A 3 year old knows this.’

The monk replied, “yes, a 3 year old knows this, but the 80 year old still finds it very difficult to do.”

Isn’t this the truth! We know what bad and wrong is, and yet we still do those bad and wrong things. We lose our tempers, we are greedy, and we have many other personality flaws that we’d like to change. Buddhism helps to identify some of our problems, and yet, the eventual responsibility to control and correct the problems lies within each and every one of us. It’s a struggle!

President Obama may have come under a lot of criticism for that comment, but as we have seen, it is indeed the truth and very difficult to do.

Remember! Do good things and don’t do bad things!

Namu Amida Butsu

Rev. Alan Sakamoto