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There are services online each Sunday at 10:00 AM.   Please follow the link:   You can also watch the service afterwards since they are recorded.

Websites for Dharma Talks has been moved to the our LINKS TO WEBSITES page.


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The Reedley Buddhist Church was established in 1936 with the Rev. Rijun Katsueda becoming the first resident minister. After World War II and the relocation of the Japanese residents, the church was rebuilt in 1952-53 and the Rev. Gibun Kimura became the third minister. In 1961, the Sunday School classrooms, conference room, office, and restrooms were started and completed in 1962. A boyhood statue of Shinran Shonin was donated by Mr. Seichi Hirose of Japan and placed in the U-shaped garden. The entire project was completed and dedicated on April 15, 1967.


Rev. George Shibata, our retired resident minister, began his association with the Reedley Buddhist Church in 1975 and completed 37 years in December, 2011. Rev. Hidehito Sakamoto was appointed as resident minister in March, 2012, until December, 2013.  From January, 2014 through July 2015, the church was under the supervision of the Fresno Betsuin. In August, 2015, Reedley had three ministers under a shared system of the seven temples of the Central California District Council of the Buddhist Churches of America: Rev. Kakei Nakagawa, Rev. Alan Sakamoto, and Rev. Matthew Hamasaki.  The shared system is coordinated by the Central California Ministers' Association, the CCDC Ministerial Advisory Committee, and the staff of the Fresno Betsuin.  In December, 2016, Rev. Alan Sakamoto retired from the BCA.  Rev. Matthew Hamasaki left in January, 2018, to become the minister in Sacramento, Rev. Kaz Nakata was assigned to the Central California in August, 2019, and Rev. Mieko Majima was assigned to the Central California in February, 2024.  At the present time, Rev. Majima is the supervising minister of the Reedley Buddhist Church.


The church renovated the conference room and added a new kitchen facility in 2004. They added a new wrought iron fence surrounding the property in 2006, updated the hondo in 2007, and completed a storage building next to the small kitchen in 2008. The social hall bathrooms received an update in 2010 and in 2011 the grounds between the hall and the Japanese School building were graded and decomposed granite was added.   In October, 2017 the church grounds between the hall the Japanese School building were cemented, and in January, 2018, a solar panel system went into service to minimize the utility costs.  During the Covid pandemic, safety measures were taken and an AED was installed in the conference room, touchless features were added to the restrooms, and PPE were added so the members could safely return to church.

The membership is approximately 100 members. The Buddhist Women's Association, the Reedley Dharma School, and the Jr. Young Buddhist Association remain active and support all activities sponsored by the church.

The Reedley Buddhist Church welcomes you to join us at any service and encourages new members to join our organization.   

Upcoming Services & Activities

Sunday, June 9, 2024 - 10:00 AM -  Rennyo Shonin Memorial Service, June Shotsuki (Memorial) Service, & Family Dharma Service

                                   Lunch will be served following the service.

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Summer Bento


     The Reedley Buddhist Church will be holding a Summer Bento fundraiser on June 22, 2024 at the Reedley Buddhist Church social hall.  
     The bento will be pre-sold.  Click here or the image to download an order sheet.
     Aside from the bento box of teriyaki beefsticks, teriyaki boneless chicken, A-ge somen, Chinese chicken salad, & rice, there will be pastries for sale as well as a country store.  
      We are finding that it is necessary to hold two fund raisers a year, so we are asking for your support!  

Best Wishes to Rev. & Mrs. Nakagawa on his retirement!  We hope you will be able to relax and enjoy each day!

Welcome Rev. Majima to Central California!  We hope you will enjoy your new home and get to know the people in the Valley!

It's not too late!  Get your order in!

June  Calendar

1 Tanizaki/Zachry Family Service                                   10:00 AM

1    Kajihara Family - reserved hall &
     Conference Room                                                            all day

8   Slice Meat for Fundraiser                                             8:00 AM
     Skewer beefsticks                                                       10:00 AM

9   Rennyo Shonin Memorial, June Shotsuki,
    & Family Dharma Service                                          10:00 AM

11 Obon Dance Practice - Conf. Room                             7:00 PM

18 Obon Dance Practice - Conf. Room                             7:00 PM

20  Obon Dance Practice - Conf. Room                            7:00 PM

21 Summer Bento Fundraiser Prep                                      all day

22 Summer Bento Fundraiser & Country
     Store in church social hall                                            3 - 6 PM

25 Obon Dance Practice - Conf. Room                            7:00 PM

27 Obon Dance Practice - Conf. Room                            7:00 PM

29 Funeral Service for Mrs. Kikuyo
    Ikemiya                                    (REVISED TIME)     11:00 AM

29 Visalia Buddhist Church OBON                                  6:00 PM

30 S. Nishida Family - reserve Conf. Room                    8:30 AM

Rev. Majima's Message
June,  2024 Newsletter Article


                   Dancing Moggallāna

As we enter June, it's the Obon season. There are several Obon-related stories that I love, and I'd like to share one of them with you.

Once upon a time, when Shakyamuni Buddha was in India, there was a disciple named Moggallāna. He gained transcendental power through serious Buddhist practice and became well-known for it. Moggallāna’s mother was also respected for her intelligence, but after she passed away, she was reborn as a hungry spirit because of her karma, specifically the sin of greed (attachment to things that bring us pleasure). This might be surprising since she loved her son from the bottom of her heart and acted as a good mother.

In the realm of hungry spirits, all beings have large bellies and thin bodies. They are constantly starving with insatiable appetites, but when they try to eat, the food turns into flames, leaving them desperate.

Moggallāna was deeply sorrowful over the loss of his mother, and upon learning about her rebirth, he felt even more despair. Despite being able to see her suffering with his transcendental power, he couldn't find a way to help her. Moggallāna went to Shakyamuni Buddha for guidance. The Buddha declined simply, saying, "I am sorry, my friend, but no one can substitute for her since she brought this upon herself."

Moggallāna continued returning to the Buddha, insisting, "She is my only mother, and I would rather lose my life than not help her." Seeing his disciple's sincerity, an idea came to the Buddha. He tasked Moggallāna with overseeing a flawless food donation to the Sangha during the rainy season retreat, ensuring faultless conduct among the sacred monks.

The Buddha gave Moggallāna this challenging responsibility, requiring him to oversee everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the month. He perfectly fulfilled the precepts.

During his assignment, Moggallāna began to realize that his supposed pure love for his mother was still rooted in his ego-centered mind. His mother was also strongly attached to him while she lived, because she loved him so much. It was also true that she didn't show as much care for other children as she did for Moggallāna.

One day, Moggallāna realized that he had never experienced true love. He gradually understood the essence of suffering caused by desire and pleasure. After a month of selfless giving, he fully grasped the truth of his self-attachment and felt released from it. He then transferred his virtue to his mother and saved her from the realm of hungry spirits.

Moggallāna felt ultimate happiness. Suddenly, his body began to move on its own. He started dancing wildly with excitement. It is said that Moggallāna's joyful dancing is the origin of the Bon Dance.

The Buddha guided Moggallāna to a higher level of awareness. Moggallāna learned the true meaning of the act without seeking anything in return through the Buddha's guidance. The Buddha said, "If you genuinely try to save someone, first and foremost, you must be saved."

In Buddhist teachings, salvation means awakening the deluded to the truth and guiding them to enlightenment. Serving food, which the Buddha assigned to Moggallāna, is recognized as one of the most difficult practices in the Buddhist tradition. However, no practice cannot be undertaken without the Buddha’s guidance.

Namo Amida Butsu

(Message for Students)

Once upon a time, a caravan traveled across a desert. There were five hundred merchants in the caravan. The desert was like a vast ocean of sand. It was extremely hot during the day and freezing cold at night. The sand stretched as far as the eye could see, and there were no rivers or lakes. The only sources of water were the oases, small green islands amidst the dry sand. To secure water, the caravan traveled from one oasis to the next. The caravan traveled with camels, which, unlike people, do not need frequent water.

One day, the caravan took longer than usual to reach the next oasis, and they ran out of water. When the caravan reached a mountainside, the young leader said, “The next oasis is over the mountain, but we need to feed the camels now. Please be patient. There's grass here, so let's dig and see if we can find water.”

Some people started to feed the camels while others began to dig.

They dug and dug, but no water appeared, leaving everyone disappointed. Then someone shouted, “Gold!” He had found gold instead. The group was overjoyed and forgot about their thirst as they resumed digging. An enormous amount of gold seemed to be buried underground.

The leader, having ensured the camels were well-fed, said, “Everyone, let's move to the oasis before it gets too late.” He worried about the time needed to reach the next oasis and the impact of water scarcity on their health. The situation was critical and could become fatal without water. However, no one listened, continuing to dig for gold, sweat dripping down their faces. The leader shouted, “Come on, everybody! Let's go!” but his warnings fell on deaf ears.

You can imagine what happened to the people in that caravan. Buddha taught that clinging to our possessions, no matter how little, isn't true contentment. In this story, the people, driven by their desires, drowned in their own ocean of greed and ended their lives tragically. They died in pursuit of a better life, believing that wealth would bring them fulfillment.

Buddha said, “True contentment is wealth.”

Namo Amida Butsu

End of Term and Graduates Luncheon


End of Term Students

Congratulations to Kenji Kajihara, the 2024 Reedley Dharma Scholarship Recipient.  L to R:  Reedley BC President; Larry Nishida, Kenji Kajihara, & Rev. Mieko Majima.  

Installation 2024.jpg

2024 Perfect Attendance Award Students

July 13, 2024
5:00 PM  food sales
8:00 PM dancing

The 2024 Reedley Buddhist Church Cabinet and BWA Cabinet

Reedley Board Meetings

     The Reedley Buddhist Church Board started the year having their meetings online using Zoom, but moved to in-person when everyone was fully vaccinated.  They have met each month and discussed ways to improve procedures when we return to on site church services and activities.  
       The restrooms have been updated with touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers.  Doors to the restroom do not have any handles as they are being changed to push only.  An AED defibrillator was purchased for any emergencies as well.
     Church services resumed, but depending on the local health directives, this will change from month to month.  We may be sitting further apart, but at least we'll be together to listen to the Dharma.  

Don't forget!  Camp Dharma at Camp Keola!
July 5 - 7, 2024
See the April or May 
Newsletter for details!

It's for the whole family ages 0 - 100!

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